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Leadership and Management

Dawn to Dusk Wellbeing Center is owned and will be operated by Sesh Subramanian and Anandi Nagarajan, partners in life for over 22 years!

Sesh Subramanian, Owner

After completing his master’s degree in Business Administration in Finance from Virginia Tech in 1996, Sesh ended up with a job with Bloomberg L.P., the financial information behemoth. Sesh grew with the company, excelling in many prominent roles and more recently served as one of the business leaders at the firm’s Index business. From helping grow the firm’s existing index business, which is predominantly fixed income indices (acquired from Barclays), to diversifying the portfolio of the firm’s index products in other asset classes, such as equities, commodities, currencies, crypto’s, etc., Sesh has a proven track record of successful execution of the firm’s strategic initiatives. Through his 24 years at Bloomberg, Sesh has learned several business lessons but the one that he holds most dearly to his heart is that “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”. He never saw himself being employed for anyone other than Mike Bloomberg or himself in this lifetime. Having recently resigned from Bloomberg to focus 100% of his time on this venture, Sesh brings his compassion and passion to serve the elderly and the Intellectually/Developmentally Disabled, his business skills and his financial acumen to Dawn to Dusk Wellbeing. In addition, his day-to-day experience with caring for a parent with dementia makes this even more personal and close to his heart. With a passion for fitness and healthy living, Sesh emphasizes the value of exercise and food choices that can enhance one’s overall wellbeing and will bring this passion and lived experience to the operations at the Center. He truly wants to make Dawn to Dusk Wellbeing Center – Beyond an Adult Day Care Facility.

Anandi Nagarajan, Owner

After obtaining her doctorate in the field of Education from Rutgers in 2006, Anandi taught several graduate and undergraduate level courses as an Adjunct Professor and Part-time Lecturer at Rider University and Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. In 2014, she joined NYU and currently serves as Director of Learning Experience Design. In her current role, Anandi leads and oversees instructional technology staff that design, develop, implement and manage digital teaching and learning projects for NYU faculty. Proactive and self-motivated, Anandi has all the giving of an entrepreneur with a keen eye to read people, recognize their needs and provide them with a fulfilling interaction. With a background in interior design, Anandi constantly looks to bring aesthetic value within any setting. With her ability to bring people together, her organization skills and her ability to relate to people of all ages and backgrounds, she brings tremendous value to Dawn to Dusk Wellbeing. Sharing the caregiving responsibility of her mother-in-law, Anandi strives each day to understand the evolving situation with patience and compassion, while continually trying to enhance her quality of life with supportive activities, engagement, and healthy dietary practices.

Joan Marie Granato, Consultant

A key collaborator and consultant at Dawn to Dusk is Joan Marie Granato, who is the owner and operator of several adult day care centers in the state of New Jersey. Joan Marie is working closely with Sesh and Anandi @ Dawn to Dusk for the first three years to help establish the operation and culture that allows us to provide excellent service to our clients. Below is Joan Marie’s profile.

Joan Marie Granato is the President of Future Focus, Inc., Creative Health Care Consultants. Through her company, Joan provides an array of Health Care Consulting services, educational experiences and development and implementation of new facilities throughout the Tri-State Area. She has received her Bachelor’s degree in Recreation Administration with a minor in Psychology from Kean University. She furthered her studies in Therapeutic Recreation at New York University. She is also trained by A.L.T.A., as an Assisted Living Administrator and is a Certified NCCAP National Trainer for the MEPAP Part I: Basic Education Course and MEPAP Part II: Advanced Management Course. As a National Advocate for Adult Day Services, Joan Marie has provided presentations to Congressmen, Assemblymen, Senators and their Staffers in Washington where she assisted in organizing a National Political March representing the United States. She continues her advocacy at the local levels with County Representatives, Mayors, Zoning Boards and Leaders in regards to Adult Day Services. See

Dawn to Dusk’s day to day operations will be managed by professional and experienced staff hired by the owners. Along with Joan Marie Granato, the owners will oversee the entire operations, strategic planning and dissemination of the project on a daily basis. With our core values driving client care, aesthetic and spacious design providing physical and mental simulation and experienced and professional staff delivering healthcare and wellness, we are looking forward to serving our clients to the best of our abilities, frequently exceeding the requirements mandated by the state.